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The LaTorra-Larsen Medical Foundation accepts the following types of donations:

    Medical Supplies and Equipment

    Medical practitioners (physicians, nurses, etc.) and medical organizations (hospitals and clinics) can donate their old or excess medical supplies and equipment. to coordinate shipment of such medical items to us.

      Examples of previously donated medical (and some non-medical) supplies and equipment include:

      Adhesive Surgical Dressing
      Adult Electropads
      Ankle Aircast Stirrup
      Ankle-Foot Orthotics
      Anterior Epistaxis Nasal Tampons
      Back Braces
      Beds (electric hospital-grade)
      Bedding (sheets and pillow cases)
      Bioresorbable Coating/Permanent Mesh
      Chest Tubes
      Cock-up Wrist Splints
      Crutches (any size, any type)
      Dialysis Machines
      Dialysis Chairs
      EKG Machines
      EKG Paper Stacks
      Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer
      Endotracheal Tubes
      ENT Coblator II Reflex Ultra 55 with Integrated Cable
      File Cabinets (various sizes)
      Foley Catheter Trays
      Gauze Sponge
      Glucose testers, test strips, and lancets
      Injection Port Microbore Tubing
      Interosseus Infusion Needle
      IV Poles
      Lab Tubes
      Laryngeal Mask Airways
      Leg Braces
      Mammogram Machines
      Medical Exam Tables (electric and non-electric)
      Office Chairs
      Office Tables
      Omnibright Light System Fiberoptic Cable
      Operating Tables
      Operating Lights
      Padded Clavicle Splint w/ Link Adjustment
      Pediatric Electropads
      Pediatric Multilumen Central Venous Catheterization Kit
      Penrose Drains
      Percutaneous Sheath Introducer Kit 9 Fr.
      Perineal Skin Cleanser
      Pneumothorax Kit 8 Fr.
      Pope Ear Wicks
      Respiratory Therapy Equipment
      Sharps Bins (multiple sizes)
      Shiley 8 DFEN Tracheostomy
      Sonogram Machines
      Sterile Gloves
      Sterile Surgical Gowns
      Stoma Adhesive
      Surgical Gloves
      Surgical Gowns
      Surgical Kits
      Suture Removal Kits
      Swan Ganz
      Transtracheal Catheter Adult
      Triple Lumen Kit 7 Fr.
      Two-Lumen Hemodialysis Catheterization Kit
      Ultracell Sterile Surgical Sponges
      Uncuffed Murphy Eye Oral/Nasal
      Uterine Explora Curette Model 1
      Vaginal Speculums - Plastic
      Walking Boots
      Wall Pictures
      Wall Paintings
      Wound Dressing Supplies
      Wrist Splints
      X-ray Machines
      X-ray Viewboxes
      Xeroform Petroleum Dressing

    Financial Support

      Financial donations can be made via

        Google Checkout (donation button at top of every page)

        PayPal (donation button at top of every page)

        Personal Check

        Checks can be written to "LaTorra-Larsen Medical Foundation" and mailed to
        P.O. Box 220688
        West Palm Beach, FL 33422-0688

Dialysis clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

A patient receives dialysis treatment at a clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Feb. 2009