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Biography of Dr. Larsen

“Being a human being is being responsible. Being a human being means once you are born you are ready to serve humanity.”

-- A mixed quote from the philosophy of Antoine de St. Exupery and Leo Tolstoy by Dr. Wilhelm C. J. Larsen

Born in Haiti, Dr. Larsen has always been involved in social activities to help those less fortunate. As a boy scout he believed and lived by “The Daily Good Deed.” As a youth he joined The Youth Student Catholic Association and participated in the alphabetization and the census program.

Throughout medical school he volunteered at the free clinic. As a young physician in Haiti, both in his internship and residency, he would volunteer his time, giving care to the poor and sick people at Darborne Leogane, the free clinic of the Episcopal Church. During this time he also treated patients who suffered from tuberculosis, chest trauma and cancer of the lungs and esophagus. Dr. Larsen also participated in the anti tuberculosis, immunization and mother craft programs of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital at Deschapelles, Haiti.

In the 1970’s, after completing his residency at the sanitorium of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Dr. Larsen immigrated to the United States. He specialized in the fields of Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology, all at different levels. At the University of South Florida in Tampa, Dr. Larsen served as a clinical associate. He later served as chief of the Hematology-Oncology service at the Bay Pine V.A. Hospital in Bay Pines, Florida. There he was able to develop a Hematology-Oncology service with 41 beds, which included a chemotherapy service and an out patient department. Dr. Larsen then served as chairman of the Oncology service and chairman of the Blood Transfusion Department at Columbia Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. More recently, Dr. Larsen practiced medicine privately from 1984-2001.

In July of 2001 Dr. Larsen retired. This gave him the opportunity to focus on forming a non-profit organization. For the past 20 years Dr. Larsen and Dr. LaTorra have been helping Haiti with their medical knowledge, their dedication and gifts of medical equipment. Since forming the organization in 2005, they have been able to modernize the OFATMA Hospital in City Militaire in Delmas, Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Dr. Larsen visits with a patient at a hospital in Haiti.

Dr. Larsen with a hospital patient in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Feb. 2009