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Vision and Future Goals

  • Build up-to-date, modern medical clinics in towns and villages so that all Haitian people will have access to quality medical care and treatment.
    • Each clinic will be designed to match a pre-determined standard.
    • Each clinic will be constructed by the craftspersons of local towns and villages, which will in turn allow local residents to earn a wage via meaningful, community building-type work.
    • Each clinic will be staffed by a physician, nurse, and midwife from the town or nearby area.  This gives the people unity of care because they will know and trust the professional staff.
    • Train midwives for pre and post obstectrical care.
  • Setup rotations of senior medical students, interns, and residents from medical schools in the United States.
  • Arrange rotation of board certified specialists to oversee, teach, and give medical and surgical care in hospitals and clinics.
  • Provide basic medical education to all ages of people in a variety of topics such as nutrition, AIDS, pregnancy, etc.
  • Set up computer networks and teleconferencing abilities with major medical universities in Haiti and in the U.S.
  • Establish partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to donate drugs, vitamins, and supplies.
  • Establish partnerships with U.S. for the donation of medical equipment to hospitals in Haiti.
  • Build a modern, accredited medical and nursing school campus in Haiti to train practitioners in needy specialties such as Family Medicine and encourage them to stay in Haiti to treat and care for the medical needs of the Haitian population.
  • Distribute food, clothing, shoes, and the most basic of personal care items (baby food, baby formula, diapers, vitamins, first aid kits, etc.) for the poorest of adults and children through a partnership between a Haitian hospital and the local community that surrounds it.

Haiti clinic model sketch

A model of the clinics the foundation hopes to build in Haiti.